Mitch McConnell Under Fire Amid Failed Leadership

For quite some time now, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-KY) has been giving conservatives pause.

McConnell’s decisions continuously indicate that he would rather the GOP not have control of the Senate — with him leading the chamber — than for Republicans to control the Senate and oust him as the leader.

A Democratic majority in the Senate has not done the country any favors.

However, during the midterms, McConnell refused to back vital GOP Senate candidates who could have won their elections. This lack of support from the Senate Minority Leader stems from the candidates in question wanting him gone as the chamber’s leader.

Now, Arizona Republican Blake Masters is speaking out about what a problem McConnell has become.

Holding McConnell Accountable
While speaking with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Masters explained the current Senate Minority Leader is more preoccupied with targeting Republicans he does not like than actually helping the party take back power.

The Arizona Republican also said that McConnell needs to be voted out of power since his actions directly hurt the GOP during this year’s midterms cycle.

After Masters won his primary in the Arizona Senate race, McConnell immediately pulled back funding.

McConnell’s decision was driven not by an interest in helping his party, but by his own annoyance with Masters saying he would not back McConnell as a GOP Senate leader.

Masters is not alone in calling out the Senate Minority Leader and his bad judgment. Fox News hosts Jesse Watters and Tucker Carlson have also held McConnell accountable for his sabotage of the conservative movement.

McConnell’s Troubling History
Throughout his decades-long career in Congress, McConnell has shown a willingness to cut deals with the establishment — including the Democrat Party — if he believes it will help him advance his own status.

In the middle of this year’s midterm elections, McConnell even went so far as to publicly cast doubt on the GOP’s ability to regain the Senate majority.

He inferred that because the “quality” of candidates matters more in statewide elections, Republicans may be at a disadvantage, compared to district-based House races.

After taking some heat, McConnell begrudgingly walked these comments back. All in all, Republicans deserve a better Senate leader than this.