Mexico’s Crime Crisis Just Reached New Dangerous Heights

Not too long ago, Mexico tried to sue American gun manufacturers. The nation south of us did this on the baseless arguments that US guns are being trafficked into Mexico and causing problems.

Unfortunately, Mexico has far bigger fish to fry than American gun makers. For starters, cartels are running the show, with many Mexican residents scared to leave their homes at night. That comes on top of Mexican law enforcement officers being bought off by gangs.

As it stands today, there’s no telling when Mexico will get ahead of its crime crisis. Despite having some of the tightest gun control laws in the world, the nation’s cartels are somehow always armed.

Now, this has taken a new turn as armed cartel members kidnapped the mayor of a Mexican border state, along with the mayor’s family and employees.

A Nasty Turn of Events
This past Friday, Guerrero, Coahuila Mayor Mario Cedillo was taken by the cartels after coming back from a work meeting. On the way back, Cedillo, his wife, son, and staffers found themselves surrounded by armed men in SUVs.

Following the kidnapping, the governor of Coahuila confirmed that he and his team were working with the Mexican military and other officials to find the whereabouts of Cedillo and others captured with him.

Ahead of this kidnapping, cartels abducted other individuals in Mexico who were leaving an art show. Before that, day laborers were also taken by the cartels.

The issue with gangs in Mexico has prevailed for years on end. It does not appear as though Mexican officials have any serious plan to stop these cartels and ensure the safety of people in the country.

A Wake-up Call for America
The reality of cartels running the show in Mexico is all the more reason why the United States needs secure borders. As long as the border is wide open and riddled with gaps, dangerous cartel members can easily waltz right in.

Border states like Texas and Arizona are working hard to secure the perimeter. Yet, they’re repeatedly running into problems from the Biden administration that doesn’t want to cooperate.

The chaos and crime that are just part of everyday life in Mexico is what the United States could soon look like if border security isn’t taken seriously.