Mexico Just Embarrassed One Of America’s Inner Cities

Across the nation, many inner cities struggle with serious problems, notably ones involving drugs. It is not uncommon to see used syringes and other drug-related paraphernalia lining the streets of inner cities.

Some Democrats have since come out with programs designed to facilitate the “safe” use of drugs. By “safe,” Democrats mean providing environments for people to use drugs with a lower likelihood of overdosing.

Unfortunately, these sorts of programs only enable people struggling with drug addiction, rather than helping them rise above it.

In one major inner city, its drug crisis is so bad that even Mexico is using videos to caution its own citizens.

Mexico Embarrasses Philadelphia
The Mexican government is running ads to discourage its citizens from drug consumption.

In these ads, the footage is seen of homeless individuals using narcotics on the streets. The overt message being sent from the Mexican government to citizens is that these Philadelphians are what Mexicans will become if they take drugs.

Following the Mexican government’s use of this footage, the Philadelphia mayor responded via a spokesperson. Per the mayor, people’s struggles with drugs should not be used to define them or a community as a whole.

Unfortunately, drug use is not a new phenomenon in Philadelphia or other left-wing cities. Some people have made the case that if Democrats were serious about helping people break these addictions, their policies would reflect as such.

Thus far, the mayor of Philadelphia has not put out a comprehensive, effective plan to end drug use in the community.

The Irony
When it comes to drug use, Mexico has much bigger fish to fry than what is happening in the streets of Philadelphia.

On the watch of the current Mexican government, fentanyl use, sale, and possession remain rampant. Much of it is also coming across the American-Mexican border amid ongoing illegal immigration.

Many of the cartels that largely control Mexico are also known to sell drugs that extend well beyond fentanyl. Therefore, some Americans have made the argument that Mexico should fix its own problems with drug use before directing its attention toward the United States.

On a regular basis, Border Patrol officials are confiscating enough fentanyl at the border to take countless lives. Mexico has yet to release any cautionary ads about this problem.