Masks Are Now Non-Mandatory At Catholic Schools In Washington DC

Students at Catholic schools in Washington, DC, are no longer forced to wear face-covering masks during school functions. Even though they are nominally under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Washington, this produced an absurd scenario for Catholic schools in Maryland, right over the border.

According to the reports, As of last Monday, churches were no longer required to wear masks, making schools the outlier, and similar secular events were not either. As a result, ADF claimed that the regulation violated the First Amendment by treating religious expression with disproportionate severity. The ADF also mentioned the social, educational and physical consequences of wearing masks.

On Tuesday, Catholic school parents sued DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to fix this blunder. Bowser backed down on Wednesday, abandoning her school mask rule. On a crowded dance floor at Cafe Citron, it was entirely acceptable for 20-somethings to be exposed. A 6-year-old seated at a school desk, on the other hand, was deemed a public health danger if her face was exposed.

Moreover, DC Health withdrew its indoor mask rule for schools on Tuesday, leaving it up to education officials to decide whether or not to enforce facial coverings in classrooms. While the regulation is no longer in effect, masks will remain in classrooms for the time being. DC Public Schools, the city’s traditional school system and individual charter operators may continue to operate under their existing requirements.

Therefore, the Chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools, Lewis Ferebee, said the 51,000-student school system would preserve its mandate for the time being. Before making any decisions, the district will consult with the Washington Teachers Union and other groups that represent school employees. Furthermore, Catholic schools are no longer required to participate.