Mask Mandates Are Coming To An End This Week Across US, Even In Blue Enclaves

Most mask regulations and vaccination limitations will be abolished in New York City beginning tomorrow, with the strange exception of mask bans for children under five. Mask regulations in some of the last holdouts will be repealed in response to new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People are still not out of the woods. COVID is still present, but they are fighting it, according to NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

Moreover, Boston has likewise repealed its mask requirement for most interior spaces, except for public transit and public schools. Last Monday, Los Angeles withdrew its mask mandate, removing possible sources of humiliation for Mayor Eric Garcetti. Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota and several other major cities follow suit.

In the state legislative chamber, offices and other state facilities, masks will be encouraged but not necessary. Michigan State University stated on Friday that mask restrictions would be lifted in several on-campus places beginning today. Even public institutions in Oregon, one of the most COVID-obsessed places in the US, are removing mask requirements.

The number of governments currently implementing a mask law will likely be reduced to a few holdouts. These jurisdictions have cited the latest CDC advice as to the reason for their shift in tone. No new study has proven that masks are any more or less effective than they have always been and circumstantial evidence suggests that the CDC may have been susceptible to political pressure.

Therefore Jen Psaki was asked on Fox News about the White House’s abrupt decision to repeal the face mask rule. The announcement comes only one day before President Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union speech. It comes on the heels of a surge of similar policy changes in Democratic-led towns and states around the country. Critics argue that the abrupt narrative shift is due to polling data forecasting a GOP landslide in 2022.