Mark McCloskey Resurfaces as Gun Control Legislation Introduced in Congress

Mark McCloskey resurfaces to voice his views on the Second Amendment as more gun control legislation is being introduced in Congress. Mark defended his property and life with a rifle during a 2020 Black Lives Matter protest that could have turned deadly.

Mark told NewsMax, “When you’re facing 350 to 500 people screaming death and arson — ‘I’m going to rap and kill your wife, I’m going to burn down your house, I’m going to burn down your office building, I’m going to kill your dog’ — the fact that we were able to hold them off is proof of the value of the Second Amendment and the absolute reason why we should resist every attempt on the part of the government to restrict, control or remove those rights.”

Had the “assault weapon” ban been in place when rioters tore through Mark’s neighborhood, a pistol may not have been enough to fight off a mob of people insistent on destruction. So when Mark came out of his home with an AR-15 and his wife, Patricia McCloskey, with a pistol in June 2020, it was their last-ditch effort at self-defense before they had to use physical force.

After the incident, Mark pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge, Patricia pleaded guilty to a harassment crime, and Missouri’s Supreme Court found that the McCloskeys’ behavior involved “moral turpitude,” which means an act of “baseness, vileness, or depravity.” As a result, the McCloskeys were sentenced to a year of probation.

The Supreme Court of the United States has declined to take up McCloskey’s case.

Mark said, “So, if we keep our rear ends out of trouble, we don’t get arrested or get sued or anything for a whole year, we will get to continue practicing law. You know, I’m a little disappointed, because I would have thought that upholding the right of a lawyer to obey the Constitution would be something that the Supreme Court might be interested in.”

Mark added, “But, you know, they’ve got a lot of hot potato issues right now, and maybe they thought the last thing they needed to do was get involved in one more political issue.”