Mark Levin’s Savage Monologue Explodes Biden

While discussing his new book, Mark Levin called Joe Biden a “human pandemic” on Fox News, and nobody could argue against it.

It would appear the global elites have pressured Biden since he took office, and his actions speak louder than his words. Biden waived sanctions of Russia for the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and won’t touch the Cuban protests with a 10-foot pole yet sings praises of social justice groups like BLM and dismisses Antifa as a terroristic threat. While it’s the President’s job to make sure America is prosperous and deal with foreign policy second, Biden is doing neither. Biden sits in meetings and says the right things like “Build back better” and “The U.S. stands firmly with the Cuban people,” time will tell if his sanctions on Cuba are all for show or he takes critical action on the Cuban government.

Levin said, “My reaction to Joe Biden and his merry group of proletariat supporters there in the White House is destroying this country. If I’m communist China and communist North Korea, and I’m communist Cuba. I’m communist Venezuela if I’m the regime in Iran and so forth, all of our enemies, I’m sitting back, and I am laughing. Because Joe Biden is destroying this country from within, and I don’t have to raise a finger. He is a human pandemic, he’s done more damage to this country in 6 months than communist China could ever do to us, and he is a grave threat. His administration is a grave threat. They’re a grave threat to our civil liberties and free speech, they’re a threat to our economic system, they’re a threat to our sovereignty, open border, this man doesn’t even travel to the southern border to see what his policies are doing because he doesn’t give a damn, he knows what they’re doing.”

Kamala Harris almost didn’t visit the border, much less Biden. Biden needs to get his head out of his ass and show some leadership in a time when America needs him. It’s no wonder other dictators are sitting back with their mouths shut. They realize that Biden is putting this country in a position that we’ll be so dependent on imports of oil and manufactured goods that they’ll soon be racking in the money.

Biden will have set America back to the days of the Great Depression by the time his Presidential term is up if he’s not impeached before then.

Levin continued, “They’re importing what they hope will be Democrats while excluding the Cuban’s because they think like Republicans. In the meantime, what else do they want to do, Maria? They’re attacking our constitutional system in the Senate, in the courts, the filibuster rule, and the Senate itself.”

Levin is on the spot. Biden’s administration strategy is only pushing policies and spending money based on the now, not based on the future. They have no desire to look at what the future will hold and who will have to fix the problems being created as long as they keep power as long as possible. It’s disgusting and inexcusable. It has to be stopped, and irreversible damage will likely be done.