Many Holes Remain In Paul Pelosi Assault Case

Paul Pelosi, better half to Speaker of the House Sen. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), was assaulted with a hammer in his San Francisco home in the wee hours of Friday morning.

With numerous holes in the alleged sequence of events surrounding the attack, there’s good reason for cautious optimism regarding the validity of the entire episode.

This article isn’t meant to stir up conspiracy theories, only to point out that the entire story doesn’t make sense. The missing facts may be brought to light in the coming days, but until then, it’s important to call things what they are.

What we do know is that Mr. Pelosi had surgery to repair a fractured skull Friday morning. Before going under the knife, he was admitted to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and received treatment for facial injuries.

Reports indicate police arrived at the Pelosi residence before the attack and that the assault occurred while law enforcement was present, a glass door somehow shattering in the process.

The perpetrator, a man by the name of David DePape, was arrested in his underwear. Authorities initially claimed he was a right-wing conspiracy theorist engaged in January 6th rhetoric. Those accusations led to the typical leftwing claims that the GOP was somehow behind the attack.

Those allegations aren’t surprising when the cases of Jussie Smollett and Gretchen Whitmer are recalled.

The initial facts about the assailant are becoming increasingly unstable. For instance, on top of being a right-wing conspiracy nut, he also makes hemp jewelry and attends nude protests in his spare time.

He lives in a Berkeley, California home that belongs in 1969. Proudly flying in front of the house, is a gay pride flag containing a marijuana leaf.

More evidence shows that he supports household Democrat leaders like Bernie Sanders and Chesa Boudin. He’s also apparently a “father figure” of sorts to the children of a woman in a commune who’s married to another man.

DePape’s background and hobbies don’t fit the usual leftwing media depiction of an “Ultra-MAGA” Trump supporter. On paper, DePape has a higher probability of attending a pro-abortion rally than being an election denier.
Law enforcement has also claimed that DePape made “right-wing” social media posts that were mysteriously deleted before the attack.

Every shred of provable evidence leads to the conclusion that he’s a nudist hippie with leftist views. How are we supposed to believe the authorities when any evidence to support their contradicting assertions is either sealed to the public or deleted forever?

They may be correct that DePape is a GOP-loving lunatic, but it’s up to the DOJ to give the public a reason to believe their narrative.

At the end of the day, liberal media is at the core of the public’s suspicion for how they once again immediately jumped to the conclusion that Republicans are to blame for everything.