Manhattan DA Warns Former Prosecutor’s Trump Book May Spell Issues

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has alleged that a soon-to-be-released book by a former prosecutor may spell issues for a criminal probe into former President Donald Trump and his business empire, the Daily Wire reports.

Leslie Dubeck, who serves as Bragg’s general counsel, delivered a letter to publisher Simon & Schuster Wednesday about the upcoming book, “People vs. Donald Trump” by Mark Pomerantz, per The Wall Street Journal.

“Based on the pre-publication descriptions of his book and the benefit of current knowledge of the matter, but without access to the manuscript, this office believes there is a meaningful risk that the publication will materially prejudice ongoing criminal investigations and related adjudicative proceedings,” the letter read.

The Daily Wire reported that Pomerantz and another prosecutor suddenly left their positions leading an investigation of Trump in February last year after Bragg reportedly shared doubts about the case he took over from his predecessor. Pomerantz’s resignation letter accused Trump of being “guilty of numerous felony violations.”

“The District Attorney’s interest here is to protect the integrity of this Office’s pending criminal investigations and proceedings regarding the former President,” Dubeck’s letter asserted. “The Office urges Mr. Pomerantz not to take any further steps that would damage an ongoing criminal investigation.”

Bragg appeared on CBS last month to discuss his criminal probe into Trump, accusing the former president of fraud.

People representing Simon & Schuster reportedly gave a statement to ABC News on the matter, saying, “We stand behind Mark Pomerantz and his book, People vs. Donald Trump, and look forward to sharing this important and timely work with readers when it is published on February 7.”

Bragg told CNN last week that the investigation will continue, saying, “now we move on to the next chapter.”

Trump, who announced last November that we will be making a third run for U.S. President, is dealing with multiple investigations. The former president has often said that these are all part of a politically charged “witch hunt” orchestrated by the Democrats and actors of the deep state alike. Examples of Other probes he is facing include an investigation into the Trump Organization led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, a 2020 election inquiry in Georgia, and Justice Department probes now led by special counsel Jack Smith.