Manchin Says Quiet Part Out Loud Regarding Huge Spending Bill

When the Inflation Reduction Act first emerged, Democrats screamed this bill would lower consumer costs, along with providing needed “investments” into healthcare and climate change initiatives.

However, the notion of a spending bill being able to dig the US economy out of an inflation crisis goes against economics itself. A nation has to reduce spending, not heighten it, in order to bring down consumer costs.

Nevertheless, Democrats lined up in the House and Senate to pass the Inflation Reduction Act. On Tuesday, Joe Biden signed the bill into law with Democrats, including Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), cheering him on.

Now that the Inflation Reduction Act is a law and a done deal, Manchin just let slip the impacts this will have on consumer costs.

What Americans Knew All Along
Before the Inflation Reduction Act passed, Republicans warned it was a bad bill that wouldn’t bring down inflation. Now, Manchin is more or less admitting to this.

While speaking with Fox News on Tuesday, the Democratic senator rhetorically asked why anyone would believe this new law could lower consumer costs. Manchin then followed up by saying Democrats never claimed results would follow “immediately.’

Later, the West Virginia lawmaker continued, saying that inflation can’t turn on or off like a light switch. He also said persistent interest rate increases from the Federal Reserve aren’t going to put a dent into inflation either.

Ultimately, Manchin’s view is that to take on inflation, the United States needs to “produce” its way out of high costs.

Rebranding the Bill
In the weeks leading up to the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage into law, a shift in how the bill was referenced began. First, the legislation was branded as an initiative to decrease costs and give Americans economic relief.

Then, the media and supporters of the legislation began referring to it as a healthcare and climate bill. This happened around the same time that growing numbers of economists began saying the Inflation Reduction Act wouldn’t live up to its name.

Since the passage of this legislation, Manchin himself shared a graphic that predominantly highlights the impacts this law will have on healthcare and climate change. No mention of bringing down inflation exists.