Maine Official Who Removed Trump From Ballot Visited White House Twice

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows (D), who made the decision to remove former president and current GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump from her state’s ballot, has been caught displaying clear bias — as she reportedly visited the White House twice in the last year and has also attacked the Electoral College.

While claiming on numerous occasions that she wants to protect the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the right “to vote freely,” Bellows’ actions do not match her words.

Removing the likely 2024 Republican nominee for president from Maine’s ballot without due process is the exact opposite of allowing citizens to “vote freely” for their chosen candidate.

Her attacks on the Electoral College also undermine her supposed dedication to the foundations of the United States.

In a 2021 op-ed for the Democracy Docket, which was written just one year after serving as a member of the Electoral College herself in 2020, Bellows referred to the bedrock of U.S. elections as a “relic of white supremacy.”

“It’s not enough to advance voting rights in our state alone. It shouldn’t be easier to vote in Maine than Montana. Voting rights for our neighbors matter as much as our own, especially when the relic of white supremacy that is the Electoral College remains in place,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, in another example of her partisanship and bias on the issue of Trump’s eligibility for office, Bellows reportedly visited the White House in March and June 2023. During the first visit, she met with Trump’s likely 2024 opponent, President Joe Biden, while her second visit was for a meeting with Justin Vail, special aide to Biden, according to Fox News.

Bellows shared a photo of herself smiling alongside Biden in a post on Instagram one day after the first visit, noting that she attended a White House event to celebrate Women’s History Month.

“Birthday jaunt to DC for a Women’s History Month event at the White House yesterday and walking around today. So wonderful to see one of my earliest mentors Teresa Younger and fellow first female Secretary Elaine Marshall of North Carolina at the White House reception.

Amazing to meet President Biden. Grateful for the birthday wishes today,” the Democrat secretary of state captioned the Instagram post.

Trump’s legal team previously demanded that Bellows recuse herself from making the decision about Trump’s eligibility for the ballot due to her clear bias against the former president. She refused to do so, instead issuing the ruling on Thursday that claimed Trump was disqualified from office due to his supposed participation in an “insurrection” during the January 6 Capitol protests, despite Trump never being convicted of any such crime.