Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Wants to Abolish Police Because ‘Healthy Communities’ Don’t Need Police

A Los Angeles mayoral candidate is speaking out in favor of completely abolishing the police department, stating that “resourced healthy communities” don’t need policing.

Gina Viola, a community activist running for mayor of Los Angeles, California, made the comments during an interview with Elex Michaelson and Marla Tellez of KTTV-TV.

“I say that resourced healthy communities are safe communities, that the reason that there are any communities that aren’t safe is because the police has been hoarding the budget,” Viola said.

“If you look at the COVID dollars that were put into the city of Los Angeles, Kenneth Mejia, who is running for city controller, put a billboard the other day. The LAPD got over half of that funding that was meant for COVID relief for the city of L.A. And this has been our reality for decades now,” she added.

“So do you want to get rid of the police, abolish the police?” Michaelson asked.

“Yes eventually!” Viola laughed. “Again healthy communities do not need police. When communities are resourced, there is low crime!”

The interviewers then challenged Viola on which communities do not need police, but the candidate kept pushing her claim that if communities are fully funded by taking away funding from police departments that there would be no crime.

“If folks have their needs met, they don’t need to steal!” she claimed.

Viola went on to state that in Hollywood ⁠— where she currently lives ⁠— there are plenty of police, but crime still occurs, which she says proves police simply do not prevent crime.

Los Angeles is currently dealing with a crime wave so bad that even its progressive mayoral candidates have made promises to increase funding for the Los Angeles Police Department — everyone except for Viola.

She continued pushing her anti-police stance in a tweet posted to her campaign account.

“Cops do not stop crime and they do not solve crime. We must think of solutions beyond policing! We need to reinvest into our communities! Well funded communities don’t need cops!” Viola tweeted.

According to reporting from The Blaze, “Viola is considered a long-shot candidate for the mayoral office. In a poll from March, 40% of Los Angeles residents said they were undecided on the mayoral candidates.”

The election for mayor of Los Angeles will be held on June 7.

Watch the interview below: