Liberal Staff Writer Is Getting Destroyed On Twitter

Nearly every poll shows economic problems are causing great distress for everyday Americans. At this point, even some Democrats are admitting leaders in their party dropped the ball on inflation and failed to get ahead of this problem when it counted most.

However, there are others on the left who want to keep doubling down on their failed management of inflation. Very recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said inflation is a matter people need to stop talking about.

Shortly thereafter, writer for The Atlantic Tom Nichols took to Twitter, trashing Americans who are concerned about issues like high gas prices. To say this didn’t go over well for Nichols would be an understatement.

A Reality Check For Nichols
Over the weekend, the Atlantic writer suggested it was ridiculous for people to complain about the prices of gas when America is allegedly facing threats to its “constitutional system.”

Clearly, Nichols thought he was making a point here, but it only led to him being ripped to shreds on social media. In a turn of events that is getting increasingly rare, left-wingers and conservatives criticized the writer.

Though of all Nichols’ critics, the one who really earned the spotlight was Mike Casa, the deputy chief of staff for socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Casa said people who were supposed to be protected by the system Nichols referenced are actually falling through the cracks.

Nichols then rebutted by arguing socialists should respect that “capitalist decadence” isn’t of greater value than “civic virtue.” Casa shot back, calling the Atlantic writer a “moron” and pointing out that people’s ability to care for their families isn’t a “decadence.”

Finally, Nichols accused Casa of simply trying to pander to voters before once again being slammed.

A Significant Disconnect From Voters
Over the weekend, Nichols succeeded in highlighting that he’s not in touch with what most Americans are up against.

Countless polls have shown that Americans’ leading concerns deal with issues like inflation, gas prices, and the economy as a whole. Undermining this won’t change the reality that prices are through the rooftops and set to keep climbing.

Sadly, the argument made by Nichols is shared by many other leftists who want to keep passing bad policies in the name of climate change and other far-off goals.

Lowering gas prices and otherwise getting the economy back on track is going to require taking congressional power away from Democrats.