LGBT Organization Makes Grants to 50 U.S. School Districts to Promote Gender Ideology

The “It Gets Better Project” is an LGBTQ organization that has recently awarded a $10,000 grant to 50 school districts around the country to promote radical gender ideology and “Gender Sexuality Alliance” (GSA) clubs for American children.

The group issued a press release that said that the grants were funded by donations from customers of clothing company American Eagle during Pride Month 2021. The grants were provided to school districts that submitted gender project proposals.

Some of the project proposals included creating “gender-affirming closets” at schools that would “help trans students access clothing that fits their true selves.” Another proposal involved converting boys’ and girls’ restrooms into “gender-neutral lavatories.”

Carmel High School in Indiana said in an announcement of its grant award that it plans on operating a GSA club and creating a variety of “community-wide Pride events.” The school’s GSA club is sponsoring a GoFundMe fundraising effort to help a transgender student at the school run away from his home.

The fundraising plea says that the GSA club is working to assist a “student who needs to raise money to get out of an abusive household.” It says that the student cannot do his own fundraising because if his mother caught him, his “situation would get exponentially worse.” The page uses the standard LGBT terminology that describes any parent who refuses to fully affirm transgenderism as “abusive.”

Cape Elizabeth High School in Maine said that it will use its $10,000 grant to produce a film that will “educate” students and teachers on how to use “proper pronouns” and be more inclusive. A student in the school is being given the job of leading the production.

Nebraska’s Grand Island Senior High School proposed creating a mural that represents “all identities in the LGBTQ+ community” to obtain its grant. The school district’s website says that it spends $52,000 of taxpayer funds annually to conduct surveys asking students about their “gender and sexual experiences.”

The IDEA North Mission College Prep school in Texas proposed creating a “region-wide conference for Queer youth.” The school district said that it was going to use the grant entirely on funding an after-school club called the “Warrior Prism Alliance.” It will organize a conference for the general public on genderism topics.

Parents Defending Education outreach director Erika Sanzi said that the grant applications demonstrate the prioritization of LGBTQ ideology in America’s public schools. Her group is a grassroots organization of concerned parents.

Sanzi said that obtaining the earmarked grants shows many schools have placed social justice above their “basic responsibilities of teaching children to read well.”