Let’s Segregate Like We’re In The Year ’48

The segregation of the black communities in the United States has been prevalent ever since they first stepped foot in the country. Up till 1964, the country saw a lot of debates and rallies on ending this segregation. But the people who have lived long enough to witness the 64’s and now in 2021 will be witnessing a complete cycle where black and white people are still being segregated and that too in educational institutions in the name of fostering friendly and vibrant community support.

Universities have started using fancy slogans to get away with modern-day segregation strategies of the black and white students. Western Washington University is the latest one to introduce a separate housing facility for black students. They dedicated a whole separate floor on the hostel building for the black students, only calling it acceptance and fostering a positive environment, but how exactly is separating them from all the other students fostering acceptance. To me, it’s racist. 

The university started a ‘Black Affinity Housing Program,” and according to its website, the program will celebrate and explore the history and culture of the African American with the contemporary context. It also reads that the program’s Western students will contribute positive and warm support for personal, social, and academic success. While it looks all nice and cheerful when you read it, why exactly do you need to dedicate a separate floor to these students? Shouldn’t they be placed alongside all other students because the program’s goal will be achieved? 

How exactly does an educational institution get away with such a bizarre program under a government that claims to be liberal? More importantly, there’s nothing against fostering positive and warm support, but we have parents, community, and the church for that. Educational institutions are for all to be treated equally and to nurture them into professionals in their degree. If you are so worried about racism, stop segregating them or the 1960s all over again.