Leftists Are Demanding Big Tech To Censor Donald Trump’s Truth Social Before It Ever Takes Off

Leftists are using Jan. 6 as an opportunity to demand that Big Tech corporations like Apple stymie Truth Social before it ever gets off the ground. Former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social seeks to make itself cancel-proof in the face of liberal demands that Big Tech de-platform it ahead of time. The increasingly popular free speech platform has already withstood corporate media onslaught to discredit everything affiliated with Trump.

“Because it is affiliated with the past administration, Big Tech might save us from ‘Truth Social,’” author Samuel O’Brien says. “If Truth Social becomes a place for hate-spewing and more insurgency-planning,” he adds, “These huge internet corporations can buy themselves a lot of goodwill by stepping up to safeguard American democracy.” Trump intends to utilize Truth Social to rally his supporters and energize them for another run at the White House.

Moreover, Truth Social’s leaders are well aware that a battle on their attempt to provide a “family-friendly” social media site is on the way, and they are prepared to put an end to it. “The left’s and mainstream media’s attempt to restrict and repress opposing ideas is a startling threat to democracy,” CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group Devin Nunes told The Federalist.

Parler used a similar technique but was finally de-platformed by anti-free speech activists. Unlike Parler, Apple has the authority to remove Truth Social from its app store and the corporation is actively attempting to keep unlawful activities off the platform.

They’re constructing as much of their infrastructure as possible from the ground up. According to Nunes, they will not rely on Big Tech businesses to keep the website online and they are cooperating with companies that are genuinely devoted to free expression. Big Tech is rife with entities that have used their power and influence to silence stories regarding COVID-19, sexuality and political viewpoints they disagree with. During the 2020 election alone, social media billionaires attempted to sway the vote for President Joe Biden.

Social media users are looking for a platform that will not endanger them if they think or talk differently and Nunes believes they will find it with Truth Social. “They will not recruit a bunch of Big Tech-style political enforcers and ideological goons to force-feed people the opinions they determine people should be reading,” he stated.