Leftist Media Smears Pro-Life Movement as White Supremacist

A new tactic by abortion supporters and their media partners is to link pro-life activism to White supremacy. It doesn’t matter that the premise is wholly illogical, just that it paints defenders of unborn children as cross burners and fascists.

Radicals are quite skilled at deflecting attention away from real issues and framing them in language making even the intolerable sympathetic. Drag queens grooming kindergarteners is a fabulous expression of gender identity. Abortion is a choice, must like picking an appetizer.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), a founding member of the so-called “Squad,” bluntly accuses the pro-life movement of being “rooted in organized White supremacy.”

Nevermind that Black babies are aborted at almost five times the rate of White babies. Elementary school math throws the supremacy argument into the trash bin, and the left knows it. But mainstream media outlets function on messaging, not facts, and the smear campaign rages on.

Monica Simpson, executive director of reproductive advocacy group Sistersong, links support for the unborn with slavery, voting rights, and policing.

NPR’s Odette Yousef, who reports on “domestic extremism,” recently told “All Things Considered” that many anti-abortion movements are linked to extremist groups. Among those are “Christian supremacism, secular male supremacism, and White supremacism.”

Even as pro-life offices burn and vandals destroy government property, Democrats and their woke journalist partners frantically point away from the evidence.

The leftist media is screaming about a report released by the National Abortion Federation on Friday, the day SCOTUS rejected Roe. The pro-abortion group says violence AGAINST abortion providers is rising, citing numbers from 2021.

Meanwhile, abortion supporters distribute Justice Clarence Thomas’ home address to protestors, a Christian pregnancy clinic in Colorado burned Saturday morning, and Portland rioters smashed windows and destroyed cars.

One abortion supporter strayed from the message when they spray-painted “abolish schools” on a vehicle in Portland.

A great example of “privilege” is being able to say or do nearly anything, no matter how illogical or even violent, and have the media look the other way. Journalists are madly rushing to push a narrative on the aftermath of Friday’s Supreme Court decision, and truth is not part of it.