Leftist Lies On The Senate Filibuster Aren’t Holding Up

Now that the Democrat Party has gained control of the Senate, they have an obvious narrative about the filibuster. Leftists have begun claiming a filibuster is a tool of racism that needs to be eradicated from the US government.

Like most claims from Democrats, this does not hold weight. For starters, when Democrats were not the majority party in Congress, they made good use of the filibuster. Furthermore, when the filibuster worked to the benefit of Democrats, they never denounced it as racist.

Since the Democrats are not currently the minority party in Congress, they want the filibuster gone. It has nothing to do with leftists suddenly seeing the filibuster in a new light. It’s simply about Democrats’ frustration that the filibuster isn’t currently working to their benefit.

Recently, CNN attempted to push false claims about the filibuster. However, this quickly landed the leftist network into trouble, as reported by Twitchy.

During a press conference, CNN anchor Eva McKend questioned GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell about the filibuster. However, in doing this, McKend asked McConnell about whether or not he had “public perceptions” about the filibuster being weaponized as a tool to prevent black Americans from participating in elections.

It was not a sincere question, but a CNN anchor advocated for anti-filibuster sentiment while pretending to ask. However, McKend was called out on Twitter by Republican Richard Grenell, who declared the news anchor was grandstanding rather than asking an honest question without a plan.

Grenell also pointed out how McKend’s Twitter timeline consists of posts that bash Republicans and uplift Democrats. Interestingly enough, the CNN anchor hasn’t responded to the points from Grennell.

Quite frankly, it is high time to put to bed these leftist lies about the filibuster. Before Barack Obama became president, he defended the filibuster during a 2005 speech. However, since the filibuster no longer favors the Democrats, Obama has called it a relic from America’s dark Jim Crow era.

Here’s the truth about the filibuster: it is designed to give the minority party in Congress a vote. It’s also worth noting that a 60-vote supermajority has the power to override the filibuster. However, Democrats only hold 50 Senate seats.

Democrats had no problem putting the filibuster to use hundreds and hundreds of times, especially when President Trump was in office. This talk about the filibuster being supposedly racist is nothing more than leftists attempting to shift more power in their favor.