Left-Wing Media Proves Once Again They Have No Shame

A man was violently attacked on Sunday night while canvassing a Miami suburb for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Early reports indicated the victim was allegedly told that “Republicans don’t belong in this neighborhood” just prior to the assault, making this an obvious act of left-on-right political violence.

As this innocent victim sits in the hospital with internal bleeding, sipping his food through a straw thanks to a broken jaw, liberal media has wasted no time labeling him a “white supremacist.”

With the suspect in police custody, ABC’s Miami affiliate was quick to get in on the action and squash any notion that this heinous act of violence was politically motivated.

After a police spokesman stated there wasn’t an indication of a political motive “at this time,” the ABC underling came out with a story titled, “Hialeah Police: ‘No indication of political motive in attack on Rubio canvasser.’”

Investigators had yet to acquire full statements from the victim and witnesses, but ABC immediately jumped to the conclusion that not only was the attack apolitical, but they also took the liberty of revealing the victim’s identity and attaching him to a “white supremacist” group.

Hialeah police say there is ‘no indication’ of political motive in attack on Rubio canvasser

Remember, this guy is currently laid up in a hospital bed tending to fresh wounds from the beating he just took at the hands of some random thug.

Is there a more heartless species than progressive Democrats?

It turns out the victim does indeed have former ties to some sort of white nationalist organization. That’s not good, but there’s no indication the attacker knew anything about him other than that he was a supporter of Marco Rubio and likely the Republican party.

The police released their synopsis of the assault, shedding some light on events leading up to the confrontation and ultimately the attack.

They go on to have a brief verbal altercation, followed shortly by a brutal beatdown.

Regardless of whether the Rubio canvasser is a horrible person or not, his wrongdoings, factual or false, don’t make him any less of a victim. Leftwing media’s unjust crucifying of a recently-assaulted innocent man is nothing short of disgraceful.