Lee Zeldin Voted To Redefine Marriage And Risk Religious Liberties

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) joined forces with Democrats and 46 other House Republicans to vote ‘yes’ on the “Respect for Marriage” Act. The legislation goes further than governing same-sex marriage, attacking religious freedom, and promoting child marriage. It also echoes Democrat messages against conservative Republicans.

Since Zeldin lost to Democrat Kathy Hochul in New York’s gubernatorial race, he is now set to challenge Ronna Romney McDaniel as the next chairman of the Republican National Committee. Zeldin is also a loyal ally to the FTX-plagued Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), making him an official RINO to conservatives. Should the New York legislature be officially running for chair, he would be competing with America First businessman Mike Lindell and McDaniel. Publications like the National Review are endorsing Zeldin as the next RNC chair, saying he will be the man to save the Republican party.

Conservatives are not as convinced as mainstream media publications on Zeldin’s potential to be RNC chair. Talk show host and conservative activist Steve Deace took to Twitter to express his opinions. Zeldin is not the “savior” that conservatives are looking for, Deace wrote. “The savior of the RNC is a guy that doesn’t believe in America’s first freedom, religious freedom?” the activists sarcastically pointed out.

McDaniel is not popular among America First caucus members and conservative Republicans either. The chairwoman has often been criticized for embracing left-wing LGBTQ+ agendas. McDaniel has joined Democrats in celebrating gay “pride month” on several occasions over the years, which isn’t causing any favor in the eyes of American conservatives. Further, she has repeatedly turned her head at “drag queen story hours” and LGBTQ education inside school districts.