“Leadership?” After Dealing With The Afghanistan Crisis, Biden Returns To His Vacation

After taking a vacation last week, Joe Biden was roundly condemned for doing so just as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. After it was apparent that someone at the White House saw that Biden’s vacation was hurting the President’s image, it was announced that Biden would return to handle the White House situation. Furthermore, while it appeared that Biden was compromising his vacation days by having cut it short, however, upon his ten-minute speech, he criticized everybody but himself for the circumstance. He concluded that the buck stops with him. He returned to Camp David to resume his leisure time.

When news of Biden’s planned visit to Camp David circulated, Donald Trump Jr. criticized it. He tweeted that Biden has been currently returning to his vacation, he headed back to Camp David. Trump Jr., however, added that nobody should be surprised; after a ten-minute speech, Joe Biden would need at least a week to recuperate. Indeed the only thing worse even than vacationing during Afghanistan’s fall is resuming his vacation after delivering a brief speech blaming everyone else for his blunders.

The United States military is currently in the midst of a crisis, and the Commander in Chief is too preoccupied with Gun Smoke repeats at Camp David to pay attention. As a result, a significant worry here is if President Joe Biden believes this is a game. Regrettably, the public has witnessed a lack of accountability on the President of the United States. It is no longer amusing. Americans, and perhaps the entire globe, require the presence of a leader in the White House. Additionally, Americans tweeted to express their desire for Former President Trump to reclaim America from the terrible democrats before it is too late.