Leader Mccarthy Slams Biden During Brutal Beatdown

When it comes to enacting policies as President of the United States, the guidelines generally have to help more people than they hurt. Otherwise, you upset too many people. Biden’s finding this out the hard way. It seems that he learned nothing about politics in the last 150 years he’s been in office.

Americans as Republican Party leaders are fed up with being disenfranchised by Biden’s emboldened executive order power and handling of security matters. Kevin McCarthy is fed up as well, saying, “Every time the CDC releases new guidance, not only does it contradict information they’ve already released, but it punishes Americans who have already done everything they were asked to do. They were told to be vaccinated. They wouldn’t have to wear a mask.” Yeah, but a lot of Americans didn’t believe that. Biden isn’t a stranger to flip flop policies, and throughout the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC weren’t strangers to it either. Regardless, he’s right. We were told that you didn’t have to wear a mask if you got vaccinated, almost incentivizing Americans. Remember the catchy phrase, “it’s vaxed, or masked.” Yeah, that sounded fun and flirty, but now it’s vaxed and masked, unvaxed, and you’re an idiot, according to Biden.

Biden doesn’t make up his policies. Remember hearing from Leana Wen? She said, “What we really need to do at this point is to make vaccination the easy choice. It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated. Right now, it’s kind of the opposite. It’s fine. It’s easy if you’re unvaccinated. You can do everything you want to do anyway.” Now Biden is making federal employees who are unvaccinated social distance and get weekly Covid tests. Segregation is in full swing, but we know that was a democrat thing in the first place.

McCarthy also said, “a recent poll about American’s optimism about this country’s direction over the next year plummeted 20 points just since May. This should surprise no one. Every time Americans go to the checkout at the grocery store or gas station, they’re paying more. Every time they turn on the local or national news, they’re seeing crime continue to surge. Every time they get updates about our southern order, they’re seeing updates about thousands of migrants that are illegally entering our country every single day that are not being tested for Covid and then being moved throughout the nation.”

None of this is surprising. Biden and Harris have added a mockery out of our political system, and their colleagues cover for them. The only motivation to change comes from the Republican Party. Until they’re voted out or something is done about this, it seems these problems are only going to get worse. It is a problem with one-party control of the House, Senate, and Presidency.