Latest Steps Regarding Ukraine Crisis Are A ‘Definition Of Impotence’

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to send troops dubbed “peacemakers” into Ukraine’s separatist areas did not represent a new invasion. According to a Biden Administration Official, a complete invasion might occur at any time. Another person stated that the United States will continue to pursue dialogue with Russia until “tanks roll.” Putin’s recognition of the two breakaway regions as autonomous and his command to deploy soldiers has heightened tensions with the West.

Two House Republicans, Mike McCaul, and Mike Rogers offered a sharp critique of the Administration’s response to Moscow’s rising aggressiveness. “This is not the moment for symbolic jabs that would simply strengthen Putin,” they warned. They urged President Biden to apply penalties that would hit the core of the Russian economy and effectively put a stop to Nord Stream 2.

Moreover, these restrictions are distinct from a broader package of sanctions that Washington has pledged to impose if Russia invades Ukraine. According to a US official, putting Russian forces there was no change from what Russia had already done, which is why it did not result in larger penalties.

“This isn’t a new invasion because it’s already occupied territory,” a senior US official told the reporters on a conference call. He claimed that Russia has deployed soldiers in the Donbas region for eight years and is doing more openly. “They have no illusions about what is going to happen next,” added the official.

Therefore, President Joe Biden has called Vladimir Putin to declare Russian territory a total breach of international law. The move comes after President Joe Biden promised to meet with Putin in principle if Russia did not attack Ukraine. “Any assembled Russian forces moving across the Ukrainian border is an invasion,” Biden declared in January.