Lake Eviscerates Democrats As ‘Reality Deniers’ On ‘Planet Crazy’

Trump-backed Republican Kari Lake, who is currently on track to become Arizona’s next governor, eviscerated her opponent Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) and other Democrats, calling them out as “reality deniers” on “planet crazy.”

Lake made the comments during an interview on “Eric Bolling The Balance,” criticizing President Joe Biden and his party for denying the rampant inflation currently ravaging the nation.

“Republicans have the common sense ideas; the Democrats’ ideas are dead-end, destructive ideas that are full of hypocrisy,” Lake told Bolling. “Inflation is eating up a third of people’s retirement savings.”

“People are in a panic right now in every city across this country and across the entire nation,” she continued. “I call them reality deniers because they are completely on planet crazy. And we want off.”

Lake stressed that, unlike Democrats, the GOP has a substantive plan to address the issues plaguing the nation.

“We want to actually get back to reality and start fixing some of these problems that they caused, and that’s where the Republicans, the America First Republicans come in,” she said.

“We’ve got ideas and solutions to all of these problems from the border, to the drug epidemic, to our schools, teaching just inappropriate garbage rather than a curriculum that helps our kids get ahead, to the crime that we’re seeing on our streets: We have solutions to help solve these problems,” Lake proclaimed.

At one point in the interview, Bolling gave Lake an opportunity to address rumors that she would make an outstanding presidential candidate, but Lake focused her answer on the state of Arizona.

“I’m not looking at 2024; I’m worried to be honest — the reason I’m in this is I want to make sure we have a country, and if we don’t get things right in this midterm election, if we get someone like a Katie Hobbs in a border state like Arizona, I think we lose our country,” said Lake.

“She doesn’t want to have any common sense laws to stop the inflation and curb the crime and the drugs pouring across,” Lake explained. “We have to solve problems starting now. And that’s why I’m in this.”