Kevin McCarthy: Dems Don’t Want To Pay Off Debt, Only Want To Spend More

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., accused Democrats of not wanting to pay down the nation’s debt on Sunday, saying the Biden administration is leading the country down the “wrong path.” According to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the debt ceiling issue demonstrates Democrats’ lack of economic responsibility. “Instead of figuring out a method to pay off the credit card, they think they should just spend as much as they want,” McCarthy adds.

According to Vice President Obama, the Senate Democrats’ idea for a jobs measure, which President Joe Biden endorses, is “putting America on the wrong road.” McCarthy said that “Legists must return to session to vote on the debt ceiling and increase the numbers, but this will not give the Democrats the money to go for that $5 trillion bill.” Democrats, he said, aspire to convert America into a large European government socialist government.

According to the reporters, Democrats’ claims support a bill giving the IRS additional authority to “spy” on Americans with bank accounts worth more than $600. McCarthy said that “instead of defending the border, they want to vote for 85,000 additional IRS officers to snoop on what they’re doing.”

From October 21, 2015, McCarthy’s tweet about voting to avert a financial default has resurfaced as Republicans seek to prevent the debt ceiling from being raised. “There’s always a tweet,” Assistant Speaker of the House Katherine Clark captioned a screenshot of the tweet. McCarthy’s tweet stated, “When the United States makes commitments, it keeps them.”

When the US debt ceiling was raised in 2015, and the government could not pay its debts, McCarthy was relieved to escape default. Attempts to increase the debt ceiling, the legal limit on how much debt the US may retain, has been pledged by both Democrats and Republicans. Economists think that the United States will most certainly face a recession without an extension, with global implications.

According to fact-check, the assertion made by House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy that the debt ceiling suspension “paid for everything” during the Trump administration and seven months of Joe Biden’s is false. They argue that raising the debt ceiling permits the government to pay accrued debts due to Republican and Democratic policies.