Keeping In Mind 9/11 And Biden’s Failures

We associate anniversaries with happiness or grievances. They are celebrated in their unique ways. Anniversaries for a happy occasion call for celebrations, parties, fireworks, cocktails, parades, and much more, and Anniversaries for a sad occasion, of course, calls for grievance, mourning, remembrance, or longing. Anniversaries are not limited to a specific group of people. Sometimes they involve an entire nation to celebrate independence or mourn the war.

9/11 was a turning point in the history of the US and perhaps humanity. The terrorists hijacked planes and used them to bring down the Twin towers in New York. The Islamic extremist group Al-Qaeda was behind the catastrophic event that claimed thousands of lives, and the entire nation mourned. People exhibited a soft corner for each other, and the flags of the USA were raised from homes, construction sites, and even cars to show that the nation had united after decades to stand with the families of the fallen. At the time, George Bush, the President, swore revenge against the terrorists responsible for the massacre and waged war on Afghanistan to eradicate the Al-Qaeda that had taken haven in Afghanistan.

The war waged by Bush 2 decades ago, although eradicated much of Al-Qaeda from the country, decided to stay there longer to transform its culture and turn it into a democratic state by eliminating the tribal feuds. Twenty years later, the war that claimed the lives of thousands of soldiers and ate up billions of America’s taxpayer money ended in an unfortunate and shameful defeat of America.

Biden single-handedly destroyed all efforts of 20 years by deciding to withdraw in a highly hasty and unplanned manner. He abandoned not only the US citizens and allies behind enemy lines but all the international partners that had been equally involved in the war. Twenty years later, Americans are frustrated due to the catastrophic situation in Afghanistan over Biden’s complete ignorance over the worsening situation.