Kathy Griffin is Outraged that Your Child isn’t Wearing a Mask

Covid-19 has taken a turn from not impacting the left elites to only impacting them. You can see the evidence of this with Kathy Griffin’s comments about kids wearing masks.

Griffin tweeted, “Ok, hear me out. I see that you follow me, Daniela. So, I had ½ my lung removed because I had cancer and now I’m super high risk. What if people like me need your kids to wear masks (in addition to us wearing ours) because there are so many high risk people? C’mon. Whatdya say??

The tweet was in response to Daniela Jampel, who responded to a now deleted tweet. Jampel replied, “Thank you all for your support. It’s been a circus for the past few hours but I am hearing and seeing all of your supportive texts & DMs. The fight continues.”

If Griffin was so concerned about Covid-19 then she wouldn’t be posing for pictures with other people while nobody was wearing a mask. On a regular basis, Griffin posts pictures on Instagram like this one with Stormy Daniels and this one with Blair Erskin and Louis Virtel. Hypocritical is what you call it.

Considering children don’t transmit Covid-19 like adults and certainly aren’t affected by it like adults are, there’s no need for children to wear masks or take any precautions unless there is a medical reason for doing so.

The reason that Griffin went after Jampel is because she’s a founding member of Keep NYC Schools Open, which advocates and organizes to stop the lockdowns for children. The effects on children have been far larger than it has on adults. It may not have been medically worse, but emotionally it’s been disastrous.

One Twitter user responded, “This is peak Covidian nonsense. Kathy is arguing that requiring only toddlers to mask only in NYC is necessary for her health. This is a type of cult, seriously, and rational people want out.”

Rational people are getting out. NYC saw some of the largest efforts to leave the city than any other city in the country. The crime, the Covid-19 mandates, the vaccine passport, and many other factors are playing into NYC stepping away from the great city that it once was.