Kari Lake Is Someone All Republican Candidates Must ‘Learn’ From

Kari Lake is a Republican candidate for governor of Arizona. When she quit Fox 10 News last year, she made national headlines. Lake expressed her dissatisfaction with the journalistic industry in a two-and-a-half-minute video. Her industry criticisms should have served as a red flag to her former coworkers.

Being a Republican and a MAGA candidate has given her a more visible target, but it hasn’t stopped her from voicing her opinion. She recently gave a master class on persuasively defending voters to other Republican candidates. Lake was questioned about the 2020 election in an interview with ABC. She redirected the reporter’s questions and stated that she did not believe Democrats had stolen the election.

Moreover, rather than adopting the left’s perspective on individuals who are still suspicious of abnormalities, she gently defended them. The media is doing our country a terrible disservice. People aren’t getting the whole picture, she claims.

When asked if the media covered up anomalies in the midterm elections, Hillary Clinton advised Americans not to believe their own eyes. Many Americans now have a better grasp of Mark Zuckerberg’s foundation’s private sponsorship to local election offices. According to a study, 70% of Americans oppose this outside influence on the process. Fifty-nine percent of likely voters feel that cheating had a role in the 2020 election, with 40% believing it was highly probable.

2,000 Mules, a documentary by Dinesh D’Souza, combines phone location data and security cameras from a dropbox to verify charges of vote collecting in places where it is prohibited. According to the documentary, one person made 53 journeys to 20 different drop boxes to enter ballots. In Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, courts have ruled that dropboxes and no-excuse mail-in voting are unconstitutional under their respective constitutions.

Following the election on Jan. 6, numerous pundits compared Americans who were concerned about the outcome to insurgents. Others repeated Democrat talking themes and labeled supporters of legislation repealing the pandemic-related election exemptions as bigots. Many news consumers believe their concerns regarding the 2020 election are warranted.

Furthermore, her recommendations are vital voter ID, pre-printed paper ballots, eliminating automation from the process, and post-election audits. “They can’t expect this country to exist if they keep having contested elections,” she argues. In answer to an ABC reporter’s inquiry, Clinton remarked, “The media has turned its back on the people of America and has not been honest.”

Lake’s Rumble page is full of interviews with mainstream media outlets attempting to use the same method as the ABC reporter that her crew recorded. While Lake’s calmness is admirable, all Republican candidates must defend the opinions of many Republican voters concerning the 2020 race. No one needs to justify the rioters’ actions on Jan. 6 to sympathize with the misgivings that drove many people to attend President Trump’s address. Republicans do not need to pardon anybody to point out electoral violations and influence operations.