Kansas Democratic Governor Laura Kelly Rejects Biden’s Vaccination Mandate

The governor of Kansas has urged the federal government to keep state-based Ebola efforts going. Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly defied the Biden administration’s statewide vaccination mandate, declaring it “too late” and echoing the sentiments of many Republican governors.

It is a daring remark coming from a Democrat, argues John Sutter, because the Biden administration has labeled everyone who does not comply with government vaccination regulations as a “science denier.”

Despite the government’s best efforts to contain the epidemic, including lockdowns, mask orders, and billions of dollars invested, the virus continues to spread. Kansans are losing hope in the federal government’s ability to combat COVID-19.

Top-down government commands to suppress a virus have been called into question by the governor of Kansas. Gov. Kelly merely needs to look at her neighbors to see how badly similar instructions have previously been implemented. South Dakota and Nebraska, for example, had some of the least strict pandemic orders in the country.

The Biden administration’s use of OSHA to convert private enterprises becomes COVID-19 vaccination enforcers for the federal government. Noncompliance with this order might result in a penalty of up to $700,000. The order would affect 620,000 private-sector workers in Kansas.

Moreover, the OSHA directive signed by Biden is so thick that it could be weighed on a home scale. Masks, which are needed for workers who refuse the vaccination, are given the short end of the stick. If the federal obligation is not repealed, it may be extended to enterprises with less than 100 employees.

Gov. Kelly is astute in recognizing that an increasing percentage of Americans are aware of the hoax. Like the federal government, states, corporations, school boards, health agencies, or other private or public organizations are not on steroids. Voters have demonstrated that they will no longer tolerate governors who pander to extremist policies.

The people of the United States are excellent and trustworthy. Their forbearance, however, has its limitations, argues Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He argues that we must all make rational decisions to safeguard ourselves and our families against the virus. “We must also defend ourselves against those who will use it to divide the country,” Gupta says.

Gov. Kelly is unafraid to remark that the Biden administration is no longer “following science.” Americans are speaking out, and leaders such as Governor Kelly appear to be taking notice. The pendulum has swung, and now is the time for politicians to pay attention.