Kansas City Chiefs Cave To Woke Mob

When something is subject to culture, usually it happens from behind a keyboard. Still, nobody cares about it when you ask actual human beings who identify with the canceled subject, name, or action.

Kansas City Chiefs are going to change their name as keyboard warriors are offended by their name.

When you name anything after a person, location, or thing, you usually do so because you like them and want to honor their legacy. In the case of the Kansas City Chiefs, the name is well-known.

Not only does canceling a name hide long-term history, but it disgraces the history of the name. In this case, the Kansas City Chiefs have a long account of Native American appreciation, and the name came from the Mayor of Kansas City, Harold Roe Bartle. He spent a lot of time with the Northern Arapaho Tribe and was inducted as a blood brother, according to kchostory.org.

The article says that Bartle was working with the Boy Scouts of America while with the tribe in Wyoming and was given “Lone Bear,” the same name as the Chief of the tribe who sponsored Bartle. Bartle played football in high school, served in the Navy in World War I, became a lawyer, and then went on to work for the Boy Scouts and became a two-term Mayor of Kansas City. During his time in Kansas City, he grew the Boy Scouts to 30,000 members and got the nickname “The Chief” because of his large stature. Bartle was 6’3” tall and over 300 pounds and earned the nickname honestly.

According to the article, Bartle worked as the director of American War Dads and turned down the salary he was entitled to each time offered. After Bartle became Mayor and helped move the Dallas Texans to Kansas City, the owner renamed the team the Chiefs in honor of Bartle.

Canceling the name “Chiefs” not only removes the history of the team but takes the honor of the Northern Arapaho Tribe away from the football team. And you always have to ask yourself, why?

And why do people continue to let others influence their decisions? If you haven’t noticed, taking away labels such as Aunt Jemima and others makes more products Whiter. And by Whiter, I mean the race. Cancel culture acts as a discriminatory racial group that’s taking away any cultural labeling from products worldwide in the name of “cultural appropriation.” That’s the most racist thing I’ve ever heard. Why not leave the labels and honor cultures by giving them a voice in advertising efforts. That’s how you bring racial issues to the forefront of the conversation, but canceling it ensures that our children and children after them will never see racial labels on products at all.

With racism being a hot topic, white liberals have ruined our culture. Comedians can’t joke about the same issues, white women can’t get braids, but rappers can sure talk about having sex, beating women, and doing drugs. Where’s the Me Too movement when you need them? Silent, that’s what they are. Because it’s not a white person making the comments most of the time, and rap culture can’t be touched by feminists and Democrats even though street violence surges in urban communities. But Black Lives Matter ignores that. It’s only essential when a police officer kills a Black American regardless of their actions or justification.

America is being led astray by whiny keyboard warriors who want to make you feel bad for doing nothing wrong other than appreciating a culture by naming a football team after Native American warriors and cheering them on to victory over another group. It’s ludicrous, and as Americans, we must do better.