Kamala Harris Pisses BOTH The Left And The Right Off With A Tweet

Kamala Harris is really out of herself these days, and after her recent tweet, we are left with a question as to whether Kamala doesn’t know how things work or thinks the American people don’t know how it works. She recently tweeted about the decreased unemployment rate and giving unnecessary credit to the Biden Administration for adding more jobs. Her tweet not only angered the Republicans but Democrats as well.

The Biden Administration had the economy on lockdown, leading to many people being out of jobs. Moreover, the unemployed people’s funds that they were providing were paying people to stay unemployed. Once that was ruled out and economies were opened up, the people started returning to their jobs. It’s like replacing a window you broke with a new one and calling it growth when in reality, it is stagnation via destruction and replacement. 

Reopening the previous jobs does not add new jobs, especially when we’re still at 500,000 lesser jobs. Though the Administration has repeatedly blamed the pandemic and the lockdown for the unemployment rate, which was also due to Biden’s mandates, the October 2020 and October 2021 unemployment rates are very different. 

Biden barely did anything by letting the businesses open up and generate revenues and hire employees. While Kamala tried to claim all credit for the Biden Administration, the labor participation rate is still at 61%, which is a pathetic number. Many Americans have taken to Twitter to respond to Kamala’s tweet and have proven that Americans know how things work. They mock her and declare that going back to their jobs hardly accounts for ‘added’ jobs. I guess the Administration is still hell-bent on making everything about themselves.