Kamala Harris’ List Of The “Most Vulnerable” Includes Just About Everyone

We’re not sure where this happened or who felt that putting Vice President Kamala Harris in front of a podium was a brilliant idea. She could have saved a lot of effort by stating that the Administration’s focus was on everyone except cisgender white males that would have sufficed. In addition, it is noted that LGBTQ+ has evolved into LGBTQI+.

“What if you’re a handicapped indigenous lesbian in foster care?” says Kamala Harris. It is reportedly from a joint address with Secretary of State Antony Blinken on human trafficking, which would cause the Administration to seal the border if it were genuinely concerned. Isn’t it possible that illegal immigrants might cut? Those anti-racist “spot your privilege” worksheets may come in helpful in this situation.

According to reports, she went to Calexico, a community on the northern side of the US border, while California’s Attorney General. She saw tunnels with smooth walls as smooth as the walls of a living room, replete with lighting and air conditioning, on that journey. Guns, narcotics, and people were smuggled via those tunnels, and some individuals were making a lot of money. As Attorney General, she focused on tackling transnational criminal organizations and the money laundering that often goes hand in hand with human trafficking.

Human trafficking affects one out of every three young people under 18. It occurs both internationally and domestically. Some people have been enticed away from their homes or countries to promise a brighter future, only coerced into carnal exploitation. Others are forced into labor or indentured servitude by coercion.

Last year, the United States intercepted over 1,500 shipments created under forced labor. Forced labor jeopardizes their supply chain by displacing American employees, pushing down wages, and making an uneven playing field for responsible American companies. Women and girls, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQI+ people, Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, migrants, and children in foster care are among the most vulnerable. To combat human trafficking, they need to work together.