Kamala Harris Is So Fake She Makes Barbie Jealous

Thanks to the Obama Democrat Party, our deep state, and the liberal media, we have a couple of dunces running this country. 

This leftist political machine has put the dementia-riddled man in charge of our nuclear arsenal and a cackling witch waiting in the wings. They manipulated a large portion of the US population, not to mention the tens of millions of people who voted for these people. 

Joe Biden is the anti-President, shown recently dawdling around the White House delivering flowers to his Veep. He has already indicated that he is a big player in his government as part of the Harris-Biden maladministration. It tells you everything you need to know about the Democrat Party’s pecking order. Joe doesn’t even wear pants at work. 

Democrats have gone from the baritone voice of Barack Obama to Kamala Harris’s squeaky Soprano. She announced that “I drink, no for breakfast.” 

It was the punchline to a joke that never materialized. Even though we have several points of comparison, she is not up to the task. The truth is Hillary Clinton was worse because she could string together three sentences of hatred with a smile and mean it. We should prefer incompetent to evil most days of the week, but we are left a vacant and hollow persona babbling nonsense in our executive branch. 

Her murmurs amount to the master communicator in chief putting on a stem-winder, according to the liberal media. Terry McAuliffe is bringing Harris as the big guns in a last-ditch effort to increase enthusiasm for his Virginia governor’s race campaign on Tuesday, October 26, 2021. She is now doing events on her own, leaving Sleepy Joe Biden back at the ranch.

No one likes her. I would be surprised if her daughter enjoyed hanging out with her. She is so fake that knock-off handbags and watches look real on her. 

According to NBC, which has been tracking VP performance ratings for 28 years, Kamala Harris is the least liked person to hold the position. Even Al Gore was viewed more favorably than Harris. Gore in 1993 had a very negative rating. Dick Cheney, God rest his soul, yes that Dick Cheney, the one noted for his shotgun aim, was viewed more favorably than Harris. She is underwater by 17%, meaning 46% of respondents dislike her and only 37% like her.

Kamala Harris truly is on a different planet. She appeared to surprise herself at her birthday party and kissed her prop husband on the mask as if she and he barely lived together and thus did not share the same space regularly. 

She is a bad actress, pretending to be necessary. Remember what Rush Limbaugh said, “politics is show business for the ugly.” Well, Kamala isn’t ugly. But she is worse than that, and she is fake, dense, cold, distant, vacant, canned, and serpentine. She is the best example of Democrat pseudo-leadership, a sociopathic user who can’t even tell a joke.