Kamala Harris Indicates ‘It’s Time For Heads To Roll’

The Southern border crisis worsens as tens of thousands of Haitians cross the border and set up camps in Texas while thousands more await entry, lined up in Mexico. According to the rumor, these Haitians are being helped by the Mexican government in entering the country. The Haitians already on the US side of the border have set up a squalid encampment, and the border services are severely overwhelmed. The media spreads news of the border patrol agents on horseback using whips on these migrants, causing unnecessary hysteria. 

Kamala has finally taken notice of the situation. She has promised to get to the bottom of the hysteria surrounding the use of the whip by the border patrol agents, which is all a big misunderstanding because an idiot mistook a rope pull for a noose used by reins on horses thought it was a whip. But one thing to be cleared out here is that the only person responsible for all this is Kamala herself. Biden gave the responsibility for the Southern Border to Kamala in March, and she has since chosen to ignore it. As the situation worsens now, she has stood up as the good guy and promised to go to the bottom of things and eliminate any human rights violation occurring at the border. 

We need to understand that the Haitians entering the border are not refugees but people with a reasonable amount of cash and other equipment to get them through Latin America who try to grab on opportunities to immigrate with generous governments in power just like Muslims flooded the UK when Merkel opened the borders in 2015. And there are also no horseback patrol agents in Texas. Therefore the whole façade is just pointless. Kamala needs to get to the bottom of how incompetent and absent she has been all these months when the border has been overflowing with illegal aliens storming into the states, roaming freely without any government action. The least the Biden administration could do, if not build a wall that Trump initiated, was tell these people they will be deported and act on that. 

Congresswoman Mary Miller perfectly summed up the issue when Kamala stated that she was looking for the culprit.