Kamala Harris Gets ‘Embarrassed’ By A Reporter Who ‘Exposed Contradiction’ In Russia Response

A journalist asked Vice President Kamala Harris about the Biden Administration’s attitude to the oncoming conflict in Eastern Europe. Last week, Harris was dispatched to Germany to meet with President Joe Biden about Russia’s apparent impending invasion of Ukraine. On Saturday, the Vice President declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin “had decided” to attack Ukraine.

Vice President Kamala Harris believes the United States is ready to implement sanctions against Russia to ruin the Russian economy. During a news appearance with Harris before her return to the United States, a reporter pointed out the discrepancy in her remarks. She said that the sanctions would stop Putin from invading Ukraine and sparking the largest European conflict since WWII.

What leverage do people have if they feel Putin has made up his mind? Why not impose such punishments right now? The reporter inquired. “The goal of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence,” Harris says, but he also acknowledges the unique character of these restrictions.

“The deterrence impact of these sanctions is still substantial,” said the Secretary of Defense, “particularly because remember we still really think that there is a diplomatic road out of this moment.” He stated that the sanctions result from the US position and a shared perspective among its partners.

Moreover, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that if the United States feels a Russian invasion of his nation is imminent, economic sanctions against Russia should be imposed quickly. The White House has not explained why sanctions against Russia have not yet been imposed.

Therefore on Sunday, Biden extended an olive branch to Putin, proposing a diplomatic conference with the Russian President in the hopes of averting conflict. But Putin turned down Biden’s offer. Meanwhile, according to the News, US intelligence suggests that Russia is going forward with plans to attack Ukraine.