Kamala Harris Communications Director Resigns After Devastating Reports And Increasing Criticism

Vice President Kamala Harris’ communications director was Ashley Etienne. Harris has been chastised for her performance in the office. Etienne will resign in December to “pursue other possibilities,” according to a White House official.

Harris has been under growing fire and scrutiny following a series of incidents in which her ability to carry out her duties has been called into doubt.

President Joe Biden put Harris in charge of the border problem, but she snarled at a reporter when questioned about her refusal to visit the border. She also went silent on the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco while first crediting herself with helping to make the decision.

According to the reports, when Harris was included in a strangely manufactured film with youngsters who were subsequently determined to be professional actors, many mocked her on the right. Harris supporters feel she has been dealing with unpleasant chores, while Biden employees are irritated by her “lack of concentration.”

Much of the dissatisfaction stems from Harris’ low approval ratings in recent polls. According to a Rasmussen poll released in August, more than half of Americans (55%) feel she is “not qualified” or “not at all qualified” to occupy the presidency. Only 43% believed she was qualified to take on the responsibilities.

Moreover, Harris’ media supporters have resorted to blaming her dwindling poll numbers on racism, racial supremacy, and misogyny. Top Democrats debate privately about why the White House has allowed Kamala Harris’s campaign to become so stymied. “She’s seen as being in a vulnerable position,” a Democratic National Committee insider said (DNC).