Justin Trudeau Is Accusing The Truckers Of Having “Unacceptable Opinion”

The statements made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the convoy of Canadian truckers are making the rounds on the internet. He added in a Wednesday news conference that the small fringe minority of people on their way to Ottawa voicing objectionable beliefs do not reflect the opinions of Canadians. As a country, the most excellent approach to maintain our freedoms and ideals is for everyone to step up and defend each other.

Moreover, because the mainstream media couldn’t report on a disc golf event without radicalizing it, the Washington Post labeled the truckers Nazis and cited the racial factor. The race is like spicy sauce. Everything tastes better with a dash of racism.

The convoy, which is said to be 70 kilometers (43 miles) long, is one manifestation of Canadians’ frustration with the government’s unending limitations put on them to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “Choose a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it,” says Alinsky, the Author of the book that sparked the Cold War.

Furthermore, Justin Trudeau is attempting to accuse the protesters of thinking incorrectly. Of course, this implies that a man’s ideas should never be his own and that the only allowed thinking has been sanitized for your safety. Allow it to sink in: “unacceptable opinions.” Despite what the hammerheads at the Post would have you think, they’re not talking about racial attitudes. Instead, they’re talking about a group of folks who work alone for most of their days and may have reservations.

Control is at the heart of socialism. The baboons and sheep who continue to bleat and repost the sanctioned statements on news sources and social media expect to climb the socialist ladder to the point when the regulations that apply to people no longer apply to them. They must not only control your mobility and your money to do this. They must also contain your thinking.

The Trudeaus, Newsoms, Lightfoots, Psakis, Bidens, Acostas, and totalitarians of the globe aspire to achieve the disintegration of this poor, delusional woman and the rest of the demented biatchimals like her. They want disgust for “inappropriate opinions,” loyalty to the Inner Party, and want us to die with tears in our eyes, admiring Big Brother.