Journalist Removed From Hillary Clinton Event For Asking About Epstein Island Trips

Journalist Alex Rosen was dragged by the back of his shirt out of an event in Texas headlined by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who was campaigning for a Democrat running for mayor of Houston. Rosen was unharmed by security and was photographed giving the thumbs-up sign as he was hauled away from the event.

“Hey, Hillary, why did your husband visit Epstein Island 26 times?,” Rosen asked. Clinton did not respond to the question. Rosen was removed from the event after he asked the question a second time and approached the stage.

Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire who was accused of operating an island in the Caribbean that was used for child prostitution. Flight logs show that former President Bill Clinton flew on the “Lolita Express,” the name given to Epstein’s private jet, at least 26 times.

Clinton has denied knowing anything about child prostitutes or any other illegal activity that Epstein conducted. He has said that on occasions he flew aboard the jet, he was conducting work for the Clinton Foundation and was accompanied by aides and Secret Service agents. Records show this to not be the case. Clinton ditched his security team multiple times in order to fly with Epstein.

After being arrested and charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking, Epstein allegedly committed suicide while in jail. His death is viewed as highly suspicious as he was a high-profile inmate and was supposed to be under 24 hour watch when he fashioned a rope from a bedsheet and hanged himself to death.

Following the event on Friday, Rosen posted to X saying that he was not suicidal, a comment made in response to the numerous unexplained or mysterious deaths that have happened to anyone critical of the Clintons.

Officially, the theory that a number of people who had dirt on the Clintons died mysteriously is tied to the Clintons is considered “disproven,” but that does nothing to stop questions from being asked about some of the more bizarre deaths. In 2022, a former Clinton aide who had signed Epstein into the White House seven times and had personally flown on the “Lolita Express” was found deceased in a field with a gunshot wound to the chest and an extension cord tied around his neck. Police were unable to locate the weapon responsible for the fatal shot, fueling further conspiracies.

The only person so far prosecuted in relation to the Epstein sex scandal was his former aide, Ghislane Maxwell. Maxwell was convicted of facilitating the abuse of underage girls and was sentenced to 20 years in prison last year. It is known that Clinton, former President Donald Trump, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, and numerous other powerful and prominent men visited the island but none have faced legal repercussions.