Joe Manchin is Taking a New Stance on Biden’s Spending Bills

Since Joe Biden’s time in office, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has made headlines for repeatedly bucking the highly-prioritized Democratic agenda.

One notable example of this is the Build Back Better Act. In December 2021, Manchin confirmed he would not be voting for this bill, drawing outrage from the White House and Biden’s far-left base.

Democrats repeatedly tried to twist Manchin’s arm into voting for the Build Back Better Act. But, ultimately, that was to no avail.

Now, the West Virginia Democrat has raised eyebrows with his latest position on the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Manchin on the Inflation Reduction Act
On Wednesday, the Democratic senator joined forces with his party members in support of the Inflation Reduction Act. This bill will apply considerable tax increases, Obamacare subsidy extensions and climate change initiatives.

In Manchin’s statement on the legislation, he explained the gravity of America’s economic challenges before pointing out the importance of a solution.

Manchin then made sure to mention that reconciliation is ultimately designed to improve the country’s finances and economic state. Various elements of the Inflation Reduction Act are also dead ringers for components of the defeated Build Back Better Act.

With reconciliation, Democrats will be able to pass the Inflation Reduction Act without concern for the filibuster and with just left-wing votes. This is how the American Rescue Plan was passed in 2021.

Backlash From Republicans
Manchin has gotten consistent accolades from the GOP over standing up against his own party’s proposals. Some Republicans even invited the congressman to join the Republican Party. However, on the issue of the Inflation Reduction Act, Manchin is not getting praise.

GOP lawmakers are warning that one of the worst moves a nation can make amid inflation is to increase taxes. Furthermore, Republicans remain critical of the notion that a spending bill can “reduce” inflation.

Supporters of the Inflation Reduction Act have praised Manchin for joining them this time around. But many see this bill as a poison pill that will actually make inflation harder to bring down.