Joe Biden’s Strategy Is To Keep ‘Repeating The Same Thing’ During Post Omicron Phase

Now that the Omicron rush is tapering down, Politico has a piece up on the alleged “next phase” of President Biden’s COVID policy. Despite the notion of turning to a policy of “controlling the coronavirus and preparing Americans to live with it,” there has been no fundamental adjustment in strategy.

The plan is to take advantage of a lull in the COVID-19 rise, which has been ongoing for months. Officials predict a spring slowdown, which they believe will improve the nation’s morale and President Joe Biden’s popularity ratings. Biden and his senior health officials have already hinted at a “new normal” on the horizon. The White House is reluctant to declare victory too soon, lest another disastrous version strike.

According to a White House official, a post-COVID phase is being planned in which the COVID-19 virus “doesn’t affect their regular life.” The Administration is stockpiling new therapies, such as antiviral medications, which have been demonstrated to reduce the risk of severe disease. Officials claimed they’re still thinking out what criteria would indicate viral success and that they’ll know when they see it.

Moreover, in the fight against Ebola and other contagious illnesses, the White House is “wary” of “declaring success too soon.” As a result, they’ll go back to the same tactics that led us here: pushing Congress for “billions more money,” extending vaccination coverage, and testing. Indoor masking measures, viewed as one of the essential instruments for avoiding new outbreaks, are also unlikely to be dropped by the government.

Therefore, the most apparent position would be to advise individuals to conduct their risk evaluations. It is also the most politically advantageous option for Biden and the Democrats. Abandoning masking advice now would be seen as an admission that anti-maskers may have been onto something.