Joe Biden’s Speech At The UN Features Senility And Highly Destructive Policies

In a recent UN address, Biden talked about everything but the reality that matters. He called the Afghanistan debacle a victory without any shame or remorse. The withdrawal left 13 soldiers dead in a suicide attack, with many injured and abandoned. Not to forget, we have lost the country to the organization we have been fighting against for the past 20 years, all thanks to Biden. 

During the address, he mentioned some problematic policies instead of focusing on actual issues of the country. The whole address had no mention of the Southern border crisis, and all he talked about was climate change. The new fancy word President Biden has learned to get away with his senile policies that feast on the national budget. He mentioned Hurricanes that are not even that massive or a new occurrence. He mentioned droughts that are a historical cycle and could be avoided had there been sane environmental policies, and the Earthquakes have nothing to do with climate change, but he mentioned them anyway. At this point, I’m convinced he is not sure what he’s saying. 

Considering what a terrible job Biden has been doing in just the first year of his presidency, it is not hard to imagine why Climate Change is now his top priority. The administration is a perfect distraction to hide their horrible policy outcomes from the world, and let’s be honest, ‘Climate Change’ is what sells in the global market now. We should be grateful he hasn’t discovered Global warming yet, or that would be another money-making policy. Besides, Democrats love spending American taxpayer money on things that don’t impact, especially the climate.

Lastly, the way Biden addressed the Covid-19 situation is beyond horrible. He took a fear-mongering approach rather than holding people accountable, the same old. Somebody, please remind Biden what he used to say about Covid during his campaign. He made no mention of China for causing the virus and, last but not least, announced that the US will once again join the Human Rights Council, which Trump left because it included all the countries that had terrible Human Rights policies. Good Luck Americans, this is President Biden for us.