Joe Biden’s Presidency Is Burning To The Ground

The president’s popularity suffers due to the country’s economic difficulties, including the supply chain issue and inflation. Foreign policy worries, as well as growing tensions with Russia, take their toll.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s polling aggregate, the president has a 43.3% approval rating, his lowest since entering office. Furthermore, for the first time in their analysis, Biden has a disapproval rating exceeding 50%. FiveThirtyEight is a liberal polling aggregator that weights polls for the “house effect,” which favors Democrats.

The most recent survey was nearly identical to one released by the same group the day before. The top three concerns that Americans care about right now are immigration (27% approve; 58% disapprove), unemployment (36% approve; 53% disapprove), and the economy (36/53%).

Only 36% of Americans believe the economy will improve in the next 12 months, according to a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News Pollster. In a hypothetical rematch in 2024, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are tied at 40%. However, earning 40% against a senile older man is hardly impressive. When selecting the next presidential nominee, Republican voters must be relentless and select the candidate with the best chance of winning.

Joe Biden’s presidency is on fire in its own right, and there’s nothing in the works to suggest he’ll be able to save it. The White House is uninterested in changing anything, assuming that their issues are solely the consequence of poor communications. However, good messaging won’t address high gas prices or the border.

According to former White House press secretary Josh Earnest, “He thinks Biden might recoup slightly given how fickle the electorate is,” but “that’s not going to happen while Jen Psaki mocks Americans and Biden claims the economy is awful because he’s doing such a fantastic job.”