Joe Biden’s Other Military Collapse

It’s about time that Biden is put under investigation for all his failures in light of the Afghanistan debacle. His decision to make an ill-panned and hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan to end the endless war has brought tremendous backlash and chaos in the country due to his incompetence.

In his urgency for military withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden has risked the lives of thousands of US citizens and allies in Afghanistan. Moreover, with the occupation of the Taliban in the country, the human rights and safety of the majority of the citizens living in hopes of a democratic state will be violated under the Taliban regime whose only interest in modernity is related to the weapons and explosives of mass destruction. The US’s approach to transforming Afghanistan into a nation, building something worth defending for the Afghan citizens, was underway as Ashraf Ghani took Presidency after the corrupt president Hamid Karzai. But all efforts went to drain as Biden decided to pull out the US troops.

Making matters worse, Biden decided not to extend the deadline past August 31st for the withdrawal, knowing that the US citizens and allies cannot be evacuated. With that, the decades-long efforts of the US to socially transform the country have all gone down the drain as the Taliban now come after all those trapped in Afghanistan who aided the US. Despite having lent security support to different nations in the past, the US has now failed to execute a proper withdrawal from a country that was under their occupation for the past two decades against the militants that lacked sophisticated planning mechanisms or advisory committee to review military operations and yet they have managed to threaten the White House and claim complete control of Afghanistan.

Maybe some slack could’ve been cut for Biden had this been his first experience at war. He was alongside Obama when the entire political structure of Afghanistan was upheld after the fall of Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan and even during Saudi Arabia’s military operations in Yemen, for which the US provided intelligence services. During the Yemen intervention by the US, all fighting was being done by the Arabs, and no citizens were involved. Yet, the US made a selfish move and halted the operations to prevent any damage to national security. Not to forget the failure in Iran, for which the US is still facing backlash. And now, the Afghanistan situation is sure to cause hatred against the US on a global level. If Biden isn’t brought under trial for his actions soon, the international rule of law may deem the US unfit for rendering security services to its allies.