Joe Biden’s Opposition To Religious Freedom

Joe Biden’s renowned hypocrisy, particularly when it comes to religion, has been frequently covered by conservative media sites. With a straight face, we’re talking about a person who calls on-demand abortion an “important health care service.” Donald Trump’s decree safeguarding religious foster care and adoption organizations was withdrawn by Biden in early November. His Secularist Church currently has a stronghold on the federal government.

For anyone who doesn’t know who President Joe Biden is or what he stands for, his proposed budget cutbacks for departments that “do not comply with his LGBTQ agenda” is the stuff of nightmares. The same thing is wrong with Nancy Pelosi, who considers late-term abortion on demand “holy ground” while claiming to be a “very devout person.”

Faith-based foster-care groups are the target of Joe Biden’s newest attack on religion. On November 18, the Department of Health and Human Programs withdrew a Trump administration regulation ensuring that such agencies would continue to receive government financing for services that adhered to their firmly held religious convictions. HHS expressly revoked exemptions that permitted child welfare organizations in South Carolina, Texas, and Michigan to refuse to place children with same-gender couples due to the regulation.

Joe Biden’s opposition to religious freedom as a human right is unmistakable. Secretary of State Antony Blinken accurately stated that “religious freedom is a basic human right” but argued that it is equal to other human rights. Like all other human rights, she said that religious freedom is universal and co-equal with other rights.

The Heritage Foundation pointed out that Blinken’s assurance that “the Biden-Harris administration will protect and defend religious freedom” is hollow, given that the Biden administration is promoting a progressive ideology that is increasingly threatening religious freedom around the world and championing the embrace of rights based on physical orientation and gender identity. The left’s hypocrisy has no boundaries.

“I’m happy to recommit the United States to this right enshrined in our First Amendment and to lead our worldwide effort to advocate for religious and belief freedom for everyone, everywhere,” says Joe Biden. The White House issued a message from “Biden” on the “Occasion of International Religious Freedom Day” in late October, and the hypocrisy is apparent.

President Biden’s hallmark reaction to each unpleasant inquiry appears to be, “Come on, dude.” The term is supposed to be dismissive as well as definitive when it comes to closing inquiries. “Biden’s ‘come on guy’ justification will not fly on religious liberty,” argues Jonathan Turley, a law professor at Georgetown University.

Former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia questioned Jonathan Turley why Joe Biden is still being chastised for his anti-Christian ideas rather than his (non-existent) “evangelical” ones. The courts already recognize some religious exemption grounds. Those arguments are based on the constitutional protection of spiritual values and legislation that makes it illegal to refuse to hire or fire someone based on their religious beliefs.