The Nobel Laureate Game Of Joe Biden

United States President Joe Biden has unveiled a new economic plan for the country, claiming that it will cut inflationary pressures and the deficit over the next ten years. According to experts who have examined the issue, “it will not contribute to the deficit at all,” In fact, it would reduce the deficit.

Moreover, The White House and congressional Democrats have recently produced a “framework” for the type of immigration reform they want to pursue. Still, it’s unclear how they managed to get seventeen Nobel Laureates to evaluate, analyze, and comment on it so quickly.

Joe Biden’s letter to Nobel Laureates was written on September 20, 2021, when the bill’s components were quite different than they are now. The Biden program, according to the letter, “would relieve longer-term inflationary pressures.” They said tax reforms would equal the tax system and produce the revenues needed to support public initiatives. However, there was not a single word in it that supported Biden’s assertion that it would lower the deficit.

In favor of a $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” package, 17 Nobel Laureates signed a letter. The package would cover education, health care, child care, and climate change initiatives. Economists also favor a projected tax increase of $2.9 trillion to fund the program. The wealthiest Americans and international firms would be disproportionately affected by the increased rates. It would be the most significant tax rise in decades.

While it is a little embarrassing that these industry leaders have enabled Biden to utilize them for political ends, it reminds of a group of 27 public health professionals gathered by Peter Daszak (whose EcoHealth Alliance received NIH money to investigate bat coronaviruses) who released an open statement denouncing conspiracy theories about COVID-19’s lack of natural origin.