Joe Biden’s Homelessness Czar Jeff Olivet Is Here Only To Worsen America’s Crisis

Jeff Olivet has been named executive director of the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH). HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge was hired because of his “two decades of expertise trying to reduce homelessness.” Olivet’s nearly 25 years of experience as a street outreach worker, case manager, and charity CEO appear to be small accomplishments.

He appears to provide nothing more than talking points from a Dr. Robin DiAngelo book and a fondness for policies that continue to fail while satisfying a left-wing ideology. The evidence points to Olivet’s perspective on homelessness is informed by critical race theory and a social justice focus. He feels that racism is the root cause of homelessness. Hence he concentrates much of his attention on the Black community.

According to Olivet, a homeless individual is not on the streets because of an untreated mental condition or a heroin or meth addiction. Instead, he thinks that “systemic racism” causes homelessness. Therefore he concentrates his efforts on the disproportionate number of Black individuals among the homeless. Olivet is skeptical about “colorblind solutions.”

Moreover, in its statement regarding Olivet, USICH prioritizes racial justice for the homeless over the significance of housing. Nonetheless, if people wade through Olivet’s race-based approach to the problem, they’ll find a tactic that he feels works and could, in principle, affect homeless individuals of all races. Olivet believes in Accommodation First, which implies that the homeless are given temporary or permanent housing immediately away, with no strings attached. However, it is ineffectual in promoting self-sufficiency, which is why the homeless are eating into Salt Lake City’s budget.

He claims that operational costs would be $52 million each year and that money could be sent to places such as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Housing First is a money hole, plain and simple. That is why Republicans attempt to prevent the federal government from withholding money from programs requiring essential therapy participation.

Olivet, Biden’s Deputy Press Secretary, is blinded by ideology and concerned with racial identity politics. Blaming institutional racism and virtue signaling one’s wokeness will not alleviate their pain. Homelessness is generally the result of addiction and mental illness, not prejudice.

Therefore housing that requires a lifetime dependency on the government is not an intelligent way to alleviate homelessness. It is wrong to provide a free studio flat for addicts or the mentally sick to waste their lives. People cannot enable awakened ideology, which sees everything as racist, to keep people off the streets and into treatment.