Joe Biden’s “Genius” Plan To Grow The Middle Class

Problems at home aren’t solved by fixing the world. That strategy only makes the problems grow. It’s no wonder Americans are growing resentful of Joe Biden and his administration. Biden says he not only has plans to increase jobs but is also focused on vaccinating the world. Yeah, you heard it right, the world.

Biden seems to be looking for fame on the world stage or some leverage because it’s clear his administration doesn’t care about America at all. Biden is content with the suffering of the American people but loves to focus his energy on foreign issues.

Following a global pandemic, our focus should be on home issues and resolving our difficulties. The broad focus the Biden administration has is going to kill American jobs and hurt families. Stimulus packages aren’t the only thing you could do for America. Why not focus on lowering prices? Oh yeah, trillions of dollars have already nuked that idea.

Inflation will hurt for generations after we’re gone, and foreign and domestic policy will have to be revised if we plan to stay independent as a country.

Biden let his “globalist view” show in a cabinet meeting, saying, “We’re building back better to create jobs and grow the middle class, not just at home, everywhere. And so, our interest is in the economies in these other countries grow. And we’re going to lead the fight against the climate crisis and tackling the challenges of cybersecurity. We’ve been very clear to our, to our uh, other nations as to what we expect in terms of their conduct.”

If we’re going to lead the fight against climate change, maybe we could focus on our economic growth. It’s no secret that America has some of the tightest federal regulations on manufacturing. If American can manufacture its products and stop relying on imports, that would be the most significant way to fight against climate change and build back the American economy.

“With our bipartisan infrastructure framework and Build Back Better plan, I think we can turn this great movement into an economic boom for some time,” said Biden as if his plans are genuinely helping the American people. You already know an economic boom is going to happen. The economy just opened back up, and people are finally allowed to make money again. That is if Biden would stop giving everyone unemployment checks so they’ll get a job.

The biggest problem is that nobody believes Biden. They may champion his efforts, but if you take a second and look at the data and growth efforts put into the United States, there’s no possible way that growth is on its way. The southern border is at a critical level, and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have entered the country, leaving a tough fight for jobs that was an uphill battle before the surge of people. Taxes and products are on the rise, leaving Americans to pay less in their bank accounts.

The left adores these concepts on the surface, but they have little regard for the American people’s war on the inside. Career politicians don’t understand working for a paycheck and the amount of taxes that come out of the worker’s pocket. We don’t come from a culture where a family can make ends meet on a single wage. The impacts from passing large spending bills become the actual trickle-down economic structure, and it kills the middle and lower class citizens and makes it harder to thrive in the economy that the left creates.