Joe Biden’s Difficulties On The Battlefield

It has only been eight months since Biden took over the Presidential office, but with his current approval rate reaching down to 43%, it seems he may not last long. It is not the first time a president has received such a low approval rate, but their first year is not a good sign for the remaining years. 

First of all, the poll conducted in Iowa displayed a drastic drop in approval rate, but it’s again becoming an increasingly red state. Another rise in disapproval was observed in Minnesota, the state known for voting Democrats. But a real challenge arises in North Carolina, the Tar Heel State, which voted for Donald Trump twice, and the 75,000 vote margin from last November has turned it into a battleground state. The state carries significant importance now as it also carries the 2022 Senate Race.

The diving polls are being seen since Biden’s handling of the series of crises this year, including Afghanistan withdrawal, the COVID-19 and the controversial mandates imposed by him and his misinformation regarding his legislation, the immigrant Haitians crisis at Del Rio followed by the multiple times he was recorded misinterpreting or lying about these issues publicly. 

The majority of the North Carolinians have disapproved of Biden’s job as the President. The majority of others showed disappointment over his overall performance as a President, specifically his health care and economic policies. With a significant dip in the national approval rate to 43%, it seems that Biden is losing support by the day. Despite a large chunk of Democrats leaning towards the left, a significant number of the right-leaning democrats can stand in the way of the leftist radicals. A Republican in Asheville summed up Biden’s presidency by simply breaking it down to every state’s narrative. The North Carolinians are known for their patriotism, and therefore, the disapproval was on the Afghanistan debacle. On the other hand, the mandates had the Slavic’s disapprove who fled from Russia, Ukraine, and similar places to escape government intrusion. Still, Biden did not ensure them much freedom either.