Joe Biden’s Cobra Effect Presidency

The Cobra Effect is slang for “perverse incentives” in economics. Giving your child money every time they misbehave is a perverse incentive. Every parent understands how depraved requirements can be. You wouldn’t give your adolescent funds to buy drugs, would you? Or maybe Joe does.

The Afghan pullout was a textbook example of how not to conduct a successful military retreat. It is absurd. They tell Americans that they support the military while making the military appear like a bunch of fumbling idiots. It’s the left’s version of the fat hippie admiral. When they look at the portrait, they notice perversity, which is the polar opposite of honor.

Moreover, these weird jokes appear to be popular among the far left, but It is doubtful Jimmy Carter was laughing out loud when he handed Iran over to the mass-murdering Islamists. It is similar to Barack Obama’s apology tour. Do they want the rest of the world to appreciate America? Bow down to the Chinese President and the Saudi monarch worldwide while pretending not to hear them laughing.

Furthermore, Joe Biden has surpassed stupidity as the most purposefully perverse President in history. The Cobra Effect is an economics joke based on a tale about New Delhi having too many cobras at one time and paying a bounty for dead cobras. Then clever Indians began to produce more cobras to collect the prize, which had the exact opposite effect as planned.

These are folks who are enraged, resentful, and cruel, with a touch of sadistic joy in their makeup. It is hatred’s distorted face. Joe Biden is in charge of the Cobra presidency. But the question is, do they want to put an end to racism? Teach people to despise white people.