Joe Biden’s Cabinet Is Abundant With “Incompetence” And “Mediocrity”

Those who paid attention during Obama’s presidency realized he was racializing and weaponizing our law enforcement agencies, among others. Law enforcement has been severely harmed.

How did he do it? By appointing loyalists rather than intelligent or competent people. Obama’s people were chosen or kept for their dedication to the Obama agenda, which they assumed Hillary would continue. These agencies were ready to serve Clinton by the time Trump took office but instead set out to discredit Trump and his administration with a series of debunked hoaxes. From Comey to Holder to Brennan, Clapper, and McCabe, they were all out to sabotage Trump. They sabotaged him at every turn, even rigging the election and accusing him of orchestrating the January 6 event.

In John Moody’s novel, we learn that the Chinese Communist Party “owns” the WHO and controls its messaging. Moody also shows that, like Obama, Chinese leaders are chosen for their loyalty and usefulness to the CCP, not their expertise or role. Like Chernobyl, some Chinese scientists were Communist Party loyalists. Then bad things happen. A misguided rule implemented by Clinton’s assistant attorney general, Jamie Gorelick, led to Nine-Eleven. Janet Reno, Gorelick’s boss, was responsible for the 76 deaths in Waco, Texas, in 1993. Like Obama’s Cabinet picks, these women were chosen for their gender, not their qualifications.

And thus, we come to the unfortunate Biden Administration, whose members were recruited for skin color, gender orientation, or blind loyalty to radical leftist ideology.

Could Biden’s Cabinet be any worse? No way. In addition to being part of the Russia hoax, his national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, has been a disaster. Conceived disengagement from Afghanistan will forever mar his reputation. When asked about rising gas prices, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm laughed like a hyena, a candidate for his energy secretary position. Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary? From South Bend’s controversial mayor to transportation guru? Not for his expertise in the national transportation supply chain, shipping, interstate highways, etc. but his open gender. Buttigieg claims maternity leave for three months and seldom shows up to work. A snowstorm stopped hundreds of drivers for 24 hours, and he can’t even manage that. Was it worth it to keep retweeting idiotic tweets that show his ignorance of the world beyond his swamp bubble? Like Antony Blinken, he is responsible for the abandonment of the Americas in Afghanistan.